Southern California Treatment Services by Last Name

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Southern California Treatment Services

These records are listed in alphabetical order by last name.
NOTE: Additional information is available for certain individuals (linked under the Name column by name).

PDF: Treatment Provider Report PDF by Name


Treatment Providers by Name

Last First title company email phone zip city st profession category
Adams Tim
714-698-0239 92658 Newport Beach CA
Altes Linda M. 858-824-1914 92121 San Diego CA Psychologist,
educational psychologist, school phychologist
Arce Jess Dyslexia Specialist
& Certified Tutor
Lexia Learners 7143631562 92868 Orange CA “Dyslexia & Dyscalculia
Tutoring, Homeschool & Dyslexia Consultant, Educational Therapy
&Private instruction in Art & history, available.”
Baker Cynthia 949-923-8961 92660 Newport Beach CA child,
family, adult psychologist
Biesman Jonine 818-591-3000 91302 Los Angeles CA Educational Therapist
Borthwick Jacqueline 949-863-9005 92660 Newport Beach CA Psychologist,
Educational Psychologist, School Psychologist
Bortz Suzanna 949-338-0362 92677 Laguna Niguel CA Certified Barton tutor
Botkin Hallie Certified Tutor/Special Education Teacher Dyslexia Learning Center 9518978118 92592 Certified
Barton Tutor, Special Education Teacher
Brauch Susan 714-939-2042 92648 Huntington Beach CA Educational therapist,
Bray Dite Director Ladder Learning Services LLC (404) 654-3557 98512 Tumwater WA Tutoring
for dyslexia
Tutoring for dyslexia
Brooks Marianne 949-939-1253 92688 Rancho Santa Margarita CA Tutor-LD support
Buhovecky Pam 951-689-0218 92504 Riverside CA
Bunnemeyer Patrick J. 805-705-9395 93110 Santa Barbara CA Educational therapist,
Burke Jenny 858-459-7768 92037 La Jolla CA Educational
Therapist, Owner The Family & Learning Center
Burnett Susan Special Education
California Special
Education Advocacy Group 7149850922 92886 Consulting/advocating
Chauham Aarti 949-278-1822 92618 Irvine CA
Cintron Marianne Author, Advocate,
Founder, Education Therapist, SPIRE Teacher Trainer and Intervention
Step by Step, Dyslexia
Solutions, a Non-Profit Charitable Organization 6266649392 91741 Glendora CA Advocate, Ed Therapist, Speaker,
Teacher Trainer of OG Curriculum, Author
Cohen Megan 858-456-4569 92037 La Jolla CA Educational
Cull Barbara 90008 Los Angeles CA Advocate, Educational Therapist,
Educational Diagnostician, Special Education Consultant
Cureton Barbara 858-361-1367 92037 La Jolla CA Psychologist,
Educational Psychologist, School Psychologist
Dapello Cynthia Dyslexia Specialist Could It Be Dyslexia (909) 214-4697 91784 Upland CA Barton Tutor
Davaei Nick 714-417-9955 92618 Irvine CA
Del’Homme Melissa Psychologist UCLA Outpatient Services 3102065590 90095 Assessment of ADHD and Learning
Dubin Deidre 805-962-7122 93102 Santa Barbara CA Educational
therapist, Tutor-LD support, Educational Diagnostician, Assessment/Evaluation
Dufault Paula 949-842-3523 92692 Mission Viejo CA Educational therapist,
Eadie Jenmarie Therapist Jenmarie Eadie, LCSW 9092322935 91711 Mental
Health Therapy
Eisenberg Paul 714-235-3319 92688 Rancho Santa Margarita CA Advocate
Ellard Pamela 951-674-2974 92530 Lake Elsinore CA special
education Para Educator,tutor, Evaluation
Ferjo Nita 310-208-3972 91302 Los Angeles CA
Friedman Mariam Educational Specialist Mariam D. Friedman, M. Ed. 3103639776 90066 “Educational
Therapist in-training, LD support, Credentialed teacher”
Hanson Cynthia Z 805-407-1742 93006 Ventura CA Educational
Jewell Michael E. 714-978-0110 92868 Orange CA Lawyer
Johnson Cathy Speech/Language
Pathologist, Structured Literacy Teacher
Speech, Language and
Learning Center/Johnson Academy 9494875251 92673 San Clemente CA
Jones Richard Special Education Advocate Advocacy Office of Richard Jones 9513677475 92507 Advocacy
Kaganoff Ann P. 949-854-0151 92603 Irvine CA Educational
therapist,Educational Diagnostician,Assessment/Evaluation
Kennedy Kate Parent Advocate, Educational Consultant, & Researcher Kennedy Consulting 6143234299 91030 South Pasadena CA Advocate
Kindreich Erina Certified Orton-Gillingham
Hope for Reading 8582040252 92595 Wildomar CA Certified Orton-Gillingham Tutor
Klabunde Jolene 619-755-9506 92020 El Cajon CA Tutor-LD
support,CA and TX Credentialed Teacher,  Assessment/Evaluation
Koury Matt 949-891-0307 92658 Newport Beach CA
Lasser Andrew 805-477-0296 93003 Ventura CA Reading
Specialist, Assessment/Evaluation
Laverty Kristine H 858-454-3714 92037 La Jolla CA Neuropsychologist
Lerner Karen Educational Therapist in Case Management The College Blueprint (949) 856-1221 92618 Irvine CA Educational
Educational Therapist
Levine Sara 949-241-4879 92606 Irvine CA Educational Therapist
Lloreda Karen 949-554-8400 92673 San Clemente CA Dyslexia
tutor using the Barton System
Loyer Kathy 949-369-1082 92673 San Clemente CA Attorney
Majors Christine 949-222-0540 92658 Newport Beach CA
Manning Regina Ezr Learning Solutions 951-905-3432 92506 Riverside CA Advocate, Tutor-LD support,
Marks Patricia 818-636-6919 91436 Encino CA Reading
Specialist,  Assessment/Evaluation
Marshall Shelley B 818-889-5030 91301 Agoura Hills CA Educational therapist,
Mathias Sharon  951-674-5588 92530 Lake Elsinore CA
McDowell Barbra 949-713-3188 92688 Rancho Santa Margarita CA Ppediatric Neuropsychologist,
Clinical Psychologist
Professional Psychology Group
McIntosh Andrew 949-249-3780 90607 Laguna Niguel CA Neurologist
Merl Judith Educational Therapist Creative Solutions (818)643-1223 91326
Meyer Stephen G 909-861-7150 91765 Diamond Bar CA Psychologist,
educational psychologist, school phychologist,Pediatric Neuropsychologist
Mott Mariam A. 949-858-6688 92688 Rancho Santa Margarita CA Psychologist, educational
psychologist, school phychologist
Newman-Jacobs Cindy 949-280-4900 92651 Laguna Beach CA Educational
therapist, Educational Diagnostician,  Assessment/Evaluation
Offstein Elaine 626-963-9580 91741 Glendora CA Educational therapist
Owens Bryan 951-335-5303 92506 Riverside CA Advocate,
Lawyer at Law Office of Bryan S. Owens
Passaro Perry 949-222-2848 92658 Newport Beach CA
Pugh Jennifer 619-253-1308 92071 Santee CA
Reising Judy 949-633-6895 92624 San Juan Capistrano CA Tutor-LD support,
Rhodes Rodric B 562-618-0451 90804 Long Beach CA Psychologist,
educational psychologist, school phychologist
Roberts Elayne 949-275-3218 92691 Mission Viejo CA Educator / Tutor
Schwartz Norma 858-208-6805 92064 Powhatan CA Advocate,Educational
therapist,Tutor-LD support,Educational Diagnostician, Assessment/Evaluation
Shanfield Annbeth 714-402-8523 92705 Santa Ana CA Educational Therapist
Simon Shawn Board Certified Educational Therapist Rise Above 8057778182 91360 Thousand Oaks CA Educational
Stephey Douglas W 626-332-4510 91723 Covina CA Educational therapist, Advocate,
Developmental Optometrist, sound therapy,  interactive metronome,
Umfress Janel 626-791-9675 91101 Pasadena CA Educational
therapist, Tutor-LD support, Speech/language therapist, Learning specialist,
Waldinger Lori 818-957-0332 91214 La Crescenta CA Advocate, Educational Consultant
Weiner Esq. 267-685-6311 19010 Bensalem PA Principal
Attorney – does high stacks testing nationally
pdf: charles-weiner-esq
Weiss Bonnie (858)454-7303 92037 La Jolla CA Educational therapist,
Wetter Spencer Neuropsychologist Applied Neuropsychology, Inc. 8584543714 92037 La Jolla CA Clinical

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