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IDA Southern California Tri-Counties provides exciting opportunities for children and adults to learn about reading and writing while enjoying entertaining and hands-on activities provided by famous authors who actively share their work and ideas.  At our Annual Conferences, researchers and leaders in the field of education, including dyslexia and dysgraphia, provide up-to-date techniques and research to enable teachers, parents, and administrators to effectively teach and support students who learn differently.  To celebrate Dyslexia Awareness Month in October, we hold a variety of events throughout our service area.

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Strategies for Struggling Learning April 2019 – HANDOUTS



Strategies for Struggling Learners 2017

TCB – Funraiser


March 5, 2016 TCB Annual Conference – Strategies for Struggling Learners

March 17, 2016 TCB Private School Faculty Consortium


Casino Night

TCB 2015 Annual Conference – Strategies for Struggling Learners


The Science of Reading Conference

Kwasman Event

Casino Night


Testimonial for the Writing Skill Webinar

Unlocking Mysteries of Learning


Light Up Your Lobes

Dyslexia Dash – Literacy 5K

Children’s Literacy Event with Karen Rae Kraut


Matthew Gollub Children’s event

Dyslexia Dash 2011

Jane Healy – The Nature and Nurture of Learning Problems in the 21st Century


What are Learning Disabilities?

  • Dr. Alan Kwasman
  • Dr. Ben Kohn

Children Literacy Event – Carolyn Arnold, author – need photos

Receiving proclamation from Mayor Loveridge at Riverside City Hall


Research to Practice – March 2007

  • The food and networking
  • Friday session with Megan Cohen & Maureen Lovett
  • Saturday session with Pat Kuhl
  • Handouts
    • Maureen Lovett – Research Disabilities in Children & Adolescents
      • Downloadable in sections because of size: Part I – Part 2 – Part 3 – Part 4
    • Patricia Kuhl  – The Scientist in the Crib
      • Part 1


Research to Practice – March 2006

  • Fun with exhibitors and food
  • Reid Lyon’s presentation
  • Saturday presentation
  • Speakers presentations
    • Suzanne Carreker
      • Oral Language & Listening Comprehension
      • Comprehension: Ultimate Goal of Reading
    • G. Reid Lyon – Evidence-Based Education Preventing Reading Failure in America
      • Part 1 – Part 2
    • Nancy Swigert – Strategies to Improve Reading Fluency Skills
      • Part 1 – Part 2

Ice Cream Social with Clarann Goldring, Ph.D.; Psychologist, dyslexic and parent

  • Handouts – Practical Tips for Living with Dyslexia**


Dimensions of Dyslexia – A Focus on the Practical – May 2005 – handouts

  • The Problem – F. David Rudnick, Ph.D., M.D., Neuropsychiatrist, Private Practice, ADD, and Dyslexia  **
  • The Solutions – Andrea Stetkevich, M.A., Staff Development Specialist, Riverside Unified School District


The Brain & Reading – March 2004

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