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Scholarship Form Parents Teachers National 2021

“Thank you for the valuable scholarship. I learned so much about dyslexia and more.  As a teacher of special education students and a graduate student myself, I was especially impressed by the amount and high quality of research presented on a myriad of topics from brain functioning to vocabulary instruction. I was fascinated to hear about the variety of research and practice in the field. I was introduced to topics and materials that I will be reading and using throughout the rest of my career.  After one day at the national conference, my head was spinning with information. By the fourth day, I felt as if I were swimming in a vast sea of knowledge about learning differences. The experience was exciting, inspiring, exhausting, fun, and especially unforgettable.”

Pam Webb, special education teacher

Please note:  You may use the scholarship form that says 2020

Any parent or teacher living within our tri-county service area of Riverside, San Bernardino or Orange Counties is eligible to apply for one of our scholarships.  We offer scholarships for the International Conference every fall and for our local Annual Conference every spring. The only requirement is a desire to learn more about literacy and to help those with literacy issues.

Our branch offers two types of scholarships.  Don’t miss out on an opportunity to be a part of a very exciting experience.

In 1994, we began the Dovid Richards Scholarship Fund. From 1994 to 2000, we offered scholarships for our after-school literacy classes. Since 2000, we have been offering scholarships for individuals (teachers and parents) to attend teacher training conferences. Earnings from The Dovid Richards Scholarship Fund provide scholarships to our local conferences. We urge educators and parents to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. Those who have attended past major conferences advance their appreciation of the vast knowledge available to help special kids and they substantially enhance their understanding and knowledge levels.

We award scholarships to all qualified individuals on a “first-come” basis, as long as money remains in the budget  — so apply early!

Partial scholarships to local TCB Conferences for

    • IDA members who belong to the So. CA Tri-Counties Branch
    • Teachers who work within the three counties covered by the TCB:  Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino
    • College students who take classes from universities within the three counties covered by the TCB
    • Amount of the scholarship award is 50% of the membership fee
    • Scholarship Form Parents Teachers Local 2021

Scholarship Form Parents Teachers National 2021

  • Partial scholarships to National IDA Conferences, for
    • IDA members who belong to the So. Cal. Tri-Counties Branch
    • Payment will be made to you after we receive your receipts
    • Conference dates: November 13 and 14, 2020

Teachers – here is a letter you may send to your administrator to encourage support!

Mail completed scholarship form to:

IDA Southern California Tri-Counties Branch
5225 Canyon Crest Drive #71, Box 308
Riverside CA 92507-6301

or send back to us via email.

Read what some of the previous recipients have written:


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