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Technology can provide some effective tools for reading, writing, math, organization, and time management.

Please also refer to the page Techniques for reading and writingin the Dysgraphia navigation bar.

This information is being provided to you as a service. Neither our Tri-County Branch nor The International Dyslexia Association (IDA) in no way endorses, recommends or favors any products presented to you in this section of the website. This area of the website was developed to serve as a resource to assist you in finding products that will assist you. The products shown do not represent the entire range of products available. User feedback is for informational proposes only and should not be used as your sole method of choosing what technology is appropriate for your situation.

We also have some articles, such as  Five Myths About Assistive Technology Check it out!

Great YouTube about Mobile Apps to Enhance Structured Literacy with Elaine Cheeseman, PhD and David Winters, PhD.  Has many apps to use for instructional tools – to teach and practice a skill.  Plus, has many for Assistive Technology – ways to help with a function.  Check it out.

Assistive Technology Recommendations

Audio Books

Learning Ally – – audio books including textbooks

Book Share  –

Audible  – – books on tape

 Dictation  (Speech to Text): 

 Dragon Naturally Speaking; speech to text  –

Read & Write for Google Chrome  –

Screen Readers (Text to Speech):

 Read & Write for Google Chrome –

Prizmo for Apple –

Page Readers:

 C Pen – the original pen scanner –

KNFB Reader – take a photo of any page, pdf or text; listen to the text –

Snap and Read for Chrome –

Bookshare will change any book to a digital version –

—–You will need to use a program that will read the book aloud:
—–Read2Go  – for IOS
—–Go Read – for Android
—–Dolphin EasyRead – for Apple & PC – it’s free and is a good app

Spelling –

Touch Type Reading and Spell – An award-winning, multi-sensory course that teaches touch-typing, reading and spelling at the same time.


SnapType App – import any worksheet into an iPad and type to answer  –

Educreations App – turns your iPad into a recordable white board similar to a smartboard –

Dexteria App –  provides therapeutic hand exercises to develop fine motor skills –   

Notetaking & organization:

Notability App   by

Livescribe pen

AudioNote App – Acts as a LivesScribe pen.  Records a lectu4re as you are taking notes with either a stylus or a pen –

Evernote App

Soundnote App  for Apple

OneNote Microsoft

Grammar & Spelling Checker:

 Ginger Grammar & Spell Check

Grammerly – writing assistant –

American Word Speller App – phonetic dictionary –

IwordQ App – word prediction as you are writing and audio feedback as you are writing

Writing Organization


Inspiration Maps App & program – the visual way to explore and understand words, numbers and concepts. –


Great site –

 PhotoMath App – uses the camera on your phone to solve problems.

ModMath App –

School Organization:

 MyHomework App

Assistive Tech Websites:

 Fairfax School District, Virginia – –,ToolsTech/CoolTools.aspx

Wheel of Apps


What’s on my iPad –

Android Apps –

iPad Apps –

Chromebook Apps –

Darla Hatton list of Apps –

Jamie Martin on Understood –

Information for parents, teachers

How to Advocate for Assistive Technology

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