Southern California Treatment Services – Zip

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Southern California Treatment Services

These records are listed in numerical order by zip code.
NOTE: Additional information is available for certain individuals (linked under the Zip column for each provider).

pdf: 18 June 3 Treatment Providers By Zip | 18 June 3 Treatment Providers Booklet


Treatment Providers by Zip

zip Last First phone email title company profession category city st
19010 Weiner Esq. 267-685-6311 Principal Attorney – does high
stacks testing nationally
Bensalem PA
90008 Cull Barbara Advocate,
Educational Therapist, Educational Diagnostician, Special Education
Los Angeles CA
90066 Friedman Mariam 3103639776 Educational Specialist Mariam D. Friedman, M. Ed. “Educational Therapist
in-training, LD support, Credentialed teacher”
90095 Del’Homme Melissa 3102065590 Psychologist UCLA Outpatient
of ADHD and Learning Disabilities
90607 McIntosh Andrew 949-249-3780 Neurologist Laguna Niguel CA
90804 Rhodes Rodric B 562-618-0451 Psychologist,
educational psychologist, school phychologist
Long Beach CA
91101 Umfress Janel 626-791-9675 Educational therapist, Tutor-LD
support, Speech/language therapist, Learning specialist, Assessment
Pasadena CA
91214 Waldinger Lori 818-957-0332 Advocate,
Educational Consultant
La Crescenta CA
91301 Marshall Shelley B 818-889-5030 Educational therapist,
Agoura Hills CA
91302 Biesman Jonine 818-591-3000 Educational
Los Angeles CA
91302 Ferjo Nita 310-208-3972 Los Angeles CA
91326 Merl Judith (818)643-1223 Educational Therapist Creative Solutions
91436 Marks Patricia 818-636-6919 Reading Specialist,
Encino CA
91711 Eadie Jenmarie 9092322935 Therapist Jenmarie Eadie, LCSW Mental
Health Therapy
91723 Stephey Douglas W 626-332-4510 Educational therapist, Advocate,
Developmental Optometrist, sound therapy,  interactive metronome,
Covina CA
91741 Cintron Marianne 6266649692 Dr.,, Author,
Education Specialist, Education Therapist
Step by Step,
Dyslexia Solutions
Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD intervention, tutoring, natural interventions
Glendora CA
91741 Offstein Elaine 626-963-9580 Educational therapist Glendora CA
91765 Meyer Stephen G 909-861-7150 Psychologist,
educational psychologist, school phychologist,Pediatric Neuropsychologist
Diamond Bar CA
91784 Dapello Cynthia (909) 214-4697 Dyslexia Specialist Could It Be Dyslexia Barton Tutor Upland CA
92020 Klabunde Jolene 619-755-9506 Tutor-LD
support,CA and TX Credentialed Teacher,  Assessment/Evaluation
El Cajon CA
92037 Burke Jenny 858-459-7768 Educational Therapist, Owner The
Family & Learning Center
La Jolla CA
92037 Cohen Megan 858-456-4569 Educational
La Jolla CA
92037 Cureton Barbara 858-361-1367 Psychologist, Educational
Psychologist, School Psychologist
La Jolla CA
92037 Laverty Kristine H 858-454-3714 Neuropsychologist La Jolla CA
92037 Weiss Bonnie (858)454-7303 Educational therapist,
La Jolla CA
92064 Schwartz Norma 858-208-6805 Advocate,Educational
therapist,Tutor-LD support,Educational Diagnostician, Assessment/Evaluation
Powhatan CA
92071 Pugh Jennifer 619-253-1308 Santee CA
92121 Altes Linda M. 858-824-1914 Psychologist,
educational psychologist, school phychologist
San Diego CA
92504 Buhovecky Pam 951-689-0218 Riverside CA
92506 Manning Regina 951-905-3432 Ezr Learning
Tutor-LD support, Assessment/Evaluation
Riverside CA
92506 Owens Bryan 951-335-5303 Advocate, Lawyer at Law Office
of Bryan S. Owens
Riverside CA
92507 Jones Richard 9513677475 Special Education
Advocacy Office of
Richard Jones
92530 Ellard Pamela 951-674-2974 special education Para
Educator,tutor, Evaluation
Lake Elsinore CA
92530 Mathias Sharon 951-674-5588 Lake Elsinore CA
92592 Botkin Hallie 9518978118 Certified Tutor/Special Education Teacher Dyslexia Learning Center Certified Barton Tutor, Special
Education Teacher
92603 Kaganoff Ann P. 949-854-0151 Educational
therapist,Educational Diagnostician,Assessment/Evaluation
Irvine CA
92606 Levine Sara 949-241-4879 Educational Therapist Irvine CA
92618 Chauham Aarti 949-278-1822 Irvine CA
92618 Davaei Nick 714-417-9955 Irvine CA
92618 Lerner Karen (949) 856-1221 Educational Therapist
in Case Management
The College Blueprint Educational
Educational Therapist Irvine CA
92624 Reising Judy 949-633-6895 Tutor-LD support,
San Juan Capistrano CA
92648 Brauch Susan 714-939-2042 Educational
therapist,  Assessment/Evaluation
Huntington Beach CA
92651 Newman-Jacobs Cindy 949-280-4900 Educational therapist,
Educational Diagnostician,  Assessment/Evaluation
Laguna Beach CA
92658 Adams Tim 714-698-0239
Newport Beach CA
92658 Koury Matt 949-891-0307 Newport Beach CA
92658 Majors Christine 949-222-0540 Newport Beach CA
92658 Passaro Perry 949-222-2848 Newport Beach CA
92660 Baker Cynthia 949-923-8961 child,
family, adult psychologist
Newport Beach CA
92660 Borthwick Jacqueline 949-863-9005 Psychologist, Educational
Psychologist, School Psychologist
Newport Beach CA
92673 Johnson Cathy 9494875251 Speech/Language
Pathologist, Structured Literacy Teacher
Speech, Language and
Learning Center/Johnson Academy
San Clemente CA
92673 Lloreda Karen 949-554-8400 Dyslexia tutor using the Barton
San Clemente CA
92673 Loyer Kathy 949-369-1082 Attorney San Clemente CA
92677 Bortz Suzanna 949-338-0362 Certified Barton tutor Laguna Niguel CA
92688 Brooks Marianne 949-939-1253 Tutor-LD
Rancho Santa
92688 Eisenberg Paul 714-235-3319 Advocate Rancho Santa Margarita CA
92688 McDowell Barbra 949-713-3188 Ppediatric
Neuropsychologist, Clinical Psychologist
Professional Psychology Group
Rancho Santa
92688 Mott Mariam A. 949-858-6688 Psychologist, educational
psychologist, school phychologist
Rancho Santa Margarita CA
92691 Roberts Elayne 949-275-3218 Educator
/ Tutor
Mission Viejo CA
92692 Dufault Paula 949-842-3523 Educational therapist,
Mission Viejo CA
92705 Shanfield Annbeth 714-402-8523 Educational
Santa Ana CA
92868 Arce Jess 7143631562 Dyslexia Specialist & Certified Tutor Lexia Learners “Dyslexia & Dyscalculia
Tutoring, Homeschool & Dyslexia Consultant, Educational Therapy
&Private instruction in Art & history, available.”
Orange CA
92868 Arce Jess 7143631562 Dyslexia Specialist
& Certified Tutor
Lexia Learners “Dyslexia
& Dyscalculia Tutoring, Homeschool & Dyslexia Consultant, Educational
Therapy &Private instruction in Art & history, available.”
Orange CA
92868 Jewell Michael E. 714-978-0110 Lawyer Orange CA
92868 Jewell Michael E. 714-978-0110 Lawyer Orange CA
93003 Lasser Andrew 805-477-0296 Reading Specialist,
Ventura CA
93006 Hanson Cynthia Z 805-407-1742 Educational
Ventura CA
93102 Dubin Deidre 805-962-7122 Educational therapist, Tutor-LD
support, Educational Diagnostician, Assessment/Evaluation
Santa Barbara CA
93110 Bunnemeyer Patrick J. 805-705-9395 Educational
therapist,  Assessment/Evaluation
Santa Barbara CA
98512 Bray Dite (404) 654-3557 Director Ladder Learning Services LLC Tutoring for dyslexia Tutoring for dyslexia Tumwater WA


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